Thursday, September 13, 2007

Intent-to-use trademark applications provide glimpses into the future.

One of the enjoyable aspects of dealing with trademarks and monitoring the USPTO’s TARR database through the TESS search function is the insight provided into a particular company’s plans with respect to future products and services.

Case in point, check any out the 54 applications filed by Las Vegas Sands Corp. (so far) between August 28th and September 6th of this year, covering the word mark LAS VEGAS SANDS MEGACENTER as well as the above logo for various goods ranging from “keychains” and “magnets” to “arena services” and “rental of computers and software.”

A quick search online did not reveal anything about what this “Megacenter” could be. Could this be a renaming of the Sands Expo once the Venetian’s add-on megaresort, Palazzo (Reg. # 2,729,637 and 2,683,895, along with other applications for VENETIAN PALAZZO), is completed and open for business? (I have a daily view of the Palazzo from my office).

Staying close to home – another local Las Vegas favorite, Station Casinos, Inc., is planning to continue spreading “Station” casinos across the valley, which is certainly not news to anybody (especially those of us living in Las Vegas). For a list of the potential names of those future casino sites, look no further than the Company’s Section 1(b) intent-to-use trademark applications for the following names (among many):

  • Mount Rose Station
  • Sierra Station
  • Summit Sierra Station
  • Viva Station

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