Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Lot of Love in Las Vegas Lately

[or alternatively, "Anything You Can Trademark, I Can Trademark Better."]

Earlier this year, as local Las Vegas hotel-casino chain Station Casinos was emerging from bankruptcy, it made a large splash about its new marketing campaign focusing on the locals market in Las Vegas and embracing the marketing slogan WE LOVE LOCALS (news story on the rebranding here).

So what did rival hotel-casino South Point decide to do? Came up with its own marketing slogan that not only is able to take advantage of the notoriety developed by Station Casinos in its LOVE mark, but able to clearly distinguish itself from Station Casinos at the same time (South Point's "Love" website here).

Clever comparative marketing (if you ask me) -- I wonder how Station Casinos feels about sharing the love.

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