Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Las Vegas Sun Spotlights Righthaven Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

To date, I have not written anything on this blog about Righthaven LLC, the so-called start-up company in Las Vegas that has garnered much nationwide attention for filing a slew of copyright infringement lawsuits in Nevada U.S. District Court against websites posting Las Vegas Review Journal stories. The lack of any coverage on my part was mostly due to my deliberate choice to make this blog strictly about trademarks; but like most intellectual property attorneys in Las Vegas, I am well aware of the name Righthaven.

Nevertheless, a group of articles published today by Steve Green with the Las Vegas Sun compels me to break with my blogging tradition in order to spotlight these articles (published in the LVRJ’s competitor paper) which provide a detailed report of Righthaven’s actions from all points of view (and not just because one of the articles includes a quote from yours truly).

Main article: Legal attack dog sicked on websites accused of violating R-J copyrights

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Having taken the plunge into discussing copyrights on this blog and specifically about Righthaven, I hope to post my own article that I’ve written about Righthaven within the next day or so.

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Ron Coleman said...

Yeah, I remember my first time, too...

It was worth it!