Monday, July 13, 2009

Rosetta Stone Files Adword Infringement Lawsuit Against Google

After going after several third parties for purchasing Rosetta Stone’s trademarks as Google Adwords (see prior blog posts here and here), Rosetta Stone decided to go straight to the source and join the bandwagon of Google Adword trademark infringement lawsuits by filing its own action against Google in Virginia District Court over Google’s use and sale of Rosetta Stone’s trademarks as Google Adwords to third parties. See Rosetta Stone LTD v. Google Inc., Case No. 09-cv-00736 (E.D. Va. July 10, 2009). A copy of the complaint can be downloaded here.

Eric Goldman’s Technology & Marketing Law Blog provides an insightful analysis of the complaint and adds the case to his growing list of Google Adword lawsuits that he is tracking.

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