Thursday, January 29, 2009

Logo History of "The Big Game"

It’s that time of the year again – when a trademark attorney’s fancy turns to stories of the National Football League’s SUPER BOWL® brand championship football game. It’s almost become a perennial favorite trademark story to write about the NFL’s aggressive efforts to quash third party use of the SUPER BOWL mark in connection with the sale of third party goods or the commercial hosting of parties to watch “The Big Game.” (last year's blog entry here).

This year, however, the New York Times serves up a story about the history and evolution of the logos used for the Super Bowl (article here). The article describes the logos as not only illustrating the annual game, but also “ draw a line through the league’s growth, the trends of graphic design, even the vagaries of one nation’s popular culture.” All 43 logos can be viewed here (or by clicking on the picture below).

(HT: Marty Schwimmer – who noted these more interesting “alternative logos” submitted by fans).

And given the state of economic affairs and the sentiment of the nation during this year's Super Bowl, is there a more appropo logo than the following logo designed by Michael Strassburger (Modern Dog Design Co. in Seattle, Washington)?

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