Friday, May 30, 2008

Trademark Battle Between the Wolfgangs

BusinessWeek ran an article today (link here) in the Small Biz section of its website written by Stacy Perman entitled “Wolfgang Puck vs. Wolfgang Zeiener” discussing the recent trademark infringement lawsuit filed by Wolfgang Puck in Los Angeles Superior Court against Wolfgang Zwiener, the owner of “Wolfgang’s Steakhouse by Wolfgang Zwiener.”

I almost wrote a blog posting about this dispute yesterday, but felt that the dispute (first publicized on or about May 14, 2008) had probably already run its course – at least in the trademark law blogosphere where bloggers strive to post the very latest developments in trademark law and trademark lawsuits and where two weeks is the equivalent of two months in blogger reporting time.

So why do I now mention Ms. Perman’s article about the dispute? Because not only does the article provide a succinct overview of the lawsuit and the background leading up to its filing, but it also happens to contain a brief mention of yours truly – providing some comments about the trademark issues that small businesses often overlook or disregard when choosing a mark for their products and services.

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