Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lulu dismisses trademark infringement lawsuit against Hulu

As expected, the trademark infringement lawsuit between Lulu and Hulu (previously blogged here and here) has apparently been settled with no monetary compensation changing hands.

Bob Young, the outspoken founder of Lulu, apparently decided last month to dismiss the lawsuit voluntarily after Hulu representatives indicated to the court that it would not compete in the same arena as Lulu (namely, the business of distributing self-published works online). This apparently convinced Young that Hulu would not compete with Lulu's online self-publishing business.

Young was quoted saying on Friday:

"It was a worthwhile process," Young said Friday. During court proceedings, "the Hulu guys stood up and gave assurances to the judge that they were not going to (compete) in some of the things they had listed on their trademark application."

"They are going to concentrate on first-run TV programs," Young said. "They gave us some assurances that they would not be working with self-generated content."

"If they're not going to do that, there's no point in pursuing the suit," Young said. "If at some point they do do that, we'll reinstate the lawsuit with the judge's support."

Young said the lawsuit was an attempt by Lulu to "avoid confusion in the marketplace. Now, he said, "We feel we can all get along."

News articles on the dismissal can be read here and here.

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