Monday, December 24, 2007

Trademarking Christmas -- Is Nothing Sacred?

A nice Christmas-related trademark story courtesy of The Huffington Post (link here), which writes about the following Christmas themed trademarks.

The first two are held by Liberty Counsel (both for promoting public awareness of the legal issues relating to religious celebrations):


I (heart) CHRIST MAS (and design)

The other mark mentioned is MERRY CHRISTMAS. IT'S OKAY TO SAY IT. held by the Alliance Defense Fund (for promoting public awareness about the law as related to expression in public settings and religious liberties).

Both groups are tackling the cause of saving “Christmas” from the growing movement towards businesses avoiding references to “Christmas” so as not to offend any non-Christians:

For the past few years, having forgotten the real "spirit of Christmas," a rag-tag bag of Politically Correct Christmas Crusaders have taken upon themselves the role of patrolling stores and byways to see who is saying "Merry Christmas" in just the right way and making a list of who should be punished.

The Christmas Enforcers have - really! - started "making a list" of stores that "are naughty and nice." (Careful here Enforcers - Santa might follow your lead and sue you for Claus Infringement)

For these lawyers, it turns out that being a "naughty" store has nothing to do with unfair employment practices or selling products that are harmful to the environment. "Naughty" means that they wish their Jewish and Muslim and Buddhist customers "happy holidays" rather than "Merry Christmas." (O! Torquemada!)

And for a store to be placed on the "nice" list does not mean that it gives a portion of its profits to the sick and needy. It means having "Christmas all over the stores and TV ads." Yikes!

To all of my loyal blog readers, I say what famed KMOX radio talk show host Jim White ("The Big Bumper") would say -- Have any kind of holiday you want!

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