Thursday, October 4, 2007 – monitoring the always fascinating world of trademark applications

After several days of very lengthy (and admittedly very verbose) blog postings, I’m scaling it back a bit today with a brief mention of a new trademark blog of which any trademark fan should be aware.

As a new blogger myself, I appreciated the nice praise I initially received from fellow trademark blogrades – and of course, continued compliments are not a bad thing (thanks going out today to Ron Coleman’s Likelihood of Confusion® for his modesty over some “fowl” language in one of my recent posts). For this reason, I want to do the same whenever I come across a new trademark related blog that I feel has great promise.

The site is It describes its purposes as “a blog dedicated to shining a light on interesting, odd and controvertial [sic] trademark filings. That’s how we roll.” The site is fairly new and shrouded in a little of mystery – the author is the mysterious “Mork.” (Even the domain name whois information is protected by privacy guard service).

What “trademork” lacks in substantive content it makes up for in interesting finds among the many trademark filings done on a daily basis, a great website name (that might even be eligible for registration on the Principal Register), and a neat-o logo. Some interesting recent posts include 4:19 (for shirts – click here for actual trademark application) and FART TONES (for downloadable ringtones – click here for actual trademark application).

With its short, concise posts (maybe I should take a lesson) and the fact that there is never a shortage of material on which Mork can post, Trademork is a blog with all the right elements. I’ve added it to my favorites list.

A few small bits of unsolicited advice – given that your posts are fairly succinct (admittedly unlike my own), please allow the full post to be viewed when on the home page – as opposed to having to click each individual Permalink to see the full post. I also think that people, trademark practitioners especially, would appreciate if you provide a link to the TARR status of the marks on which you blog (similar to what I have done above). I could do without the ads, but if it helps pay the bills, so be it. And finally, while I admire the clever misspelling of the word “trademark” to arrive at your blog name, I don’t think your intentions were the same with the word “controvertial” (which is spelled “controversial.”).

Roll on Mork!

Note to Cybersquatters: is still available! And while you’re at it, is available (although Paramount Pictures may have an issue with that given this).

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